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BY SUPPORTING   the vision

Are you passionate about stepping up as a Feminine  Leader and spreading the gift of Embodiment to as many women across the Globe as possible? 

Are you interested in supporting the Liberation Through Movement Mission and becoming a Leader in this space?



1. BECOME A Liberation Through Movement AMBASSADOR

Liberation Through Movement offers the opportunity to any woman in the community to become an Ambassador of the Tribe and join our Affiliate Program. By becoming an official Liberation Through Movement Ambassador, you will receive abundance for your passion to help inspire more women to join the Tribe. How?

  1. Become a member of the Liberation Through Movement Tribe

  2. Inside your profile, click “invite”

  3. Either enter your invitee’s emails directly, or send them your special link provided!

What you will receive:


2. BECOME A Liberation Through Movement FACILITATOR

Are you a Facilitator/Teacher/Coach  who has a virtual offering within the realm of Embodiment, Dance, or the Feminine Arts? We are always seeking new world class facilitators with powerful, life-changing workshops and experiences for our community! Let us help you spread your wisdom to even more women and gift our Tribe the medicine of YOU! To learn more, and to help us understand if you may be a good match for our tribe, please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

Are you ready to  activate  your Leadership?

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